Provincial Priory of Kent The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas

Province of Kent
Squiggle 2022 News

13.12.22   A Christmas Message
12.12.22   Bromley Priory Malta Meeting
09.12.22   The last Provincial Priory of the 2022 Season
07.12.22   The Great Priory of Malta 2022
06.12.22   Priory of the Holy Trinity No.391
05.12.22   Lullingstone Preceptory No.155 Consecrated 1855
02.12.22   Roffa’s Camp Preceptory Installation meeting
28.11.22   Provincial Church Service and Provincial Priory meeting for North and East Yorkshire
22.11.22   The Installation Meeting of Shirley Woolmer Preceptory
21.11.22   Provincial Priory of Worcestershire
18.11.22   West Yorkshire Provincial Priory Meeting
01.11.22   Nottinghamshire Provincial Priory
28.10.22   Roffa's Camp Centenary Meeting - Dining, Notice to Attendees + Summons
27.10.22   Temple Ewell Preceptory No. 325
20.10.22   Provincial Priory of Somerset
17.10.22   London Provincial Priory
06.10.22   Great Priory Family Cathedral Service
29.09.22   Knights of the Beautiful Vision
21.09.22   Provincial Priory of Sussex
16.09.22   New Knights for the West Kent Preceptory No. 371
08.09.22   Roffa’s Camp Preceptory No224 Centenary Celebration
06.09.22   Hampshire and Isle of Wight Provincial Priory
04.09.22   Installation at Fredrick Friday, 3rd September
27.07.22   Address given by the Provincial Prior to the Province on 2nd July 2022
16.07.22   Provincial Priory of Kent July Meeting
13.07.22   Kent Executive visit Surrey Provincial Priory
12.07.22   The June meeting of Lullingstone Preceptory
11.07.22   The meeting of the Middlesex Provincial Priory
08.07.22   The funeral of Peter John McIntyre
30.06.22   Executive visit to the Provincial Priory of Derbyshire
20.06.22   The Pilgrims Way Preceptory Installation Meeting
17.06.22   A new Knight at Oakley Preceptory
14.06.22   The June meeting of the Preceptory of the Holy Trinity
01.06.22   A visit to the Provincial Priory of Dorset and Wiltshire
26.05.22   The Annual meeting of the Great Priory of Knights Templar
25.05.22   Kent Knights receive Great Priory Rank
24.05.22   Over £80,000 raised for St. John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital
23.05.22   The Malta meeting of St. George of Guernsey Preceptory No. 491
19.05.22   The Provincial Priory of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire
17.05.22   A visit to the Provincial Priory of Essex
13.05.22   Award of Provincial Certificate of Merit
12.05.22   Boxley Abbey Priory No. 402 Provincial Malta meeting
11.05.22   A Model Knight
10.05.22   A Memorial for E.Kt. Daniel John Spencer
29.04.22   An Initiative to boost Bodyguard Membership
28.04.22   Richard Plantagenet Priory No. 597 Provincial Malta meeting
27.04.22   Temple Ewell Preceptory No.325
26.04.22   Provincial Priory of Durham
25.04.22   Oakley Preceptory No.555 Installation meeting
19.04.22   The Preceptory of Improvement Festival
11.04.22   Northampton, Huntington and Bedford Provincial Priory meeting 9th of April 2022
05.04.22   Great Priory
23.03.22   Appointment of Great Officers
07.03.22   Double Installation for The Preceptory of the Holy Trinity
18.03.22   St. Michael’s Preceptory celebrate a half century
07.03.22   Double Installation for The Preceptory of the Holy Trinity
04.03.22   The 2022 Preceptory of Improvement Festival
02.03.22   Province of Kent merchandise raises funds for The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital
21.02.22   Pilgrims Way Preceptory No.392 finally meets again
18.02.22   Demonstration meeting at Lord Harris Preceptory No.475
16.02.22   Galloway Preceptory No.596
14.02.22   The February meeting of the Kent Bodyguard Priory No.552
31.01.22   First year anniversary Compline Zoom Meeting
28.01.22   First year anniversary of Compline Meeting
20.01.22   The Kent Body Guard Preceptory No. 552, Priory of Malta
19.01.22   Special Compline Service to be held online
14.01.22   Kent Preceptory of Improvement Festival
05.01.22   Silent Knight - a Knight Templar Christmas decoration