Provincial Priory of Kent The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas

Province of Kent


In Memory ofIn Memory of our fallen knights R.I.P.

To our Brother Knights who have now returned their swords for the last time and heard and obey the Great Captains word of command and their place here will know them no more, for they have departed on their final pilgrimage which ends in the holy City.

Provincial Priory of Kent - Obituary

Eminent Knight Ronald Bernard Ferris died on 23/01/2021.
A member of Galloway Preceptory No 596 and Westwood Preceptory No. 433.


Very Eminent Knight Ernest Albert Adlington P.Gt. REG.died on 14/01/2021.
A member of Holy Trinity Preceptory No 391.


Right Eminent Knight John Brackley GCT died on 2/01/2021.
A recent member of Crystal Palace Preceptory No. 257


Right Eminent Knight Brian Edwin Collins P.Gt. A-de-C died on 10/12/2020.
A member of Crystal Palace Preceptory No. 257


Knight Robert James Lamborn who died on 25/12/2020.
A recent member of Oakley Preceptory No.555

Eminent Knight Trevor Casleton P.Prov. 2ndCon, died 29/08/20
A recent member of The Galloway Preceptory No 596
Eminent Knight Keith Leslie Charles Stoner P.Prov.2nd Con. died on 22-July-2020
A member of the St Vincent Preceptory No 333
Eminent Knight Brian William Eatwell P.Prov.Her died on 26-June-2020
A member of the Richard Plantagenet Preceptory No 597
Knight John Ian Thomas died on 16-June-2020
A member of the Black Prince Preceptory No 146
Eminent Knight Roy Edward Hutchings P.Prov.A-de-C died on 20-April-2020
A member of the The Preceptory of St. George No 629
Eminent Knight Peter Basil Torres P.Prov.Her died on 20-April-2020
A member of the Axtane Preceptory of ST. John of Jerusalem No 373
Knight Sheik Gerald Logos Thompson died on 2-April-2020
A member of the Crystal Palace Preceptory No 257
Eminent Knight Christopher Harry Beames P.Prov.Her died on 19-January-2020
A member of the St. Vincents Preceptory No 333

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