Provincial Priory of Kent The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas

Province of Kent
Squiggle Address given by the Provincial Prior to the Province on 2nd July 2022

Brother Knights it is now my privilege to address you. So many of you have attended today in support of our Province which is encouraging after such a long absence and I thank you all.

To our distinguished guests, thanks for your continued support, I am aware that many of you have travelled long distances to be with us today. You are all most welcome.

Brother Knights notwithstanding that our daily lives continue to be affected by the Pandemic, Ukraine, as well as many other economic constraints , masonry provides a platform and an opportunity for us to come together as members friends and families to share our experiences that we may improve each others lives. Promulgate new ideas for the good of our Order. Knight Templar, I am pleased to say are leading the way. Though there is much to be done. I am confident we will soon reach normality.

Sadly during this long period we have lost many loved ones whilst others have suffered and are suffering illness, our prayers are with you all. Today we remembered those brother Knights who have answered the call of The Great Captain of our Salvation. We have this year lost thirteen Knights to higher Service. Brother Knights, having paid our respects to those that have passed to higher service today, as Provincial Prior I feel I should mention the exceptional contributions made, not only to our Order but to Masonry in general, by Most Eminent Knight Timothy John Lewis and Right Eminent Knight Peter John McIntyre.

Timothy Lewis certainly made a huge contribution as the Head of our Order and to Freemasonry in general as Grand Secretary at Mark Masons Hall, and in a like manner did Peter McIntyre as our Provincial Prior and in many other Orders that he belonged to in our Province of Kent.

Both these distinguished Brethren leave a legacy of skill and talent valued and acknowledged by us all, the result of which they leave as an aspiration for every Freemason.

Both very well respected and pass to higher service much regretted I ask that you continue to support those suffering illness and pray for their speedy recovery and a safe return to us.

In May it was reassuring to attend and witness the Great Priory Temple meeting. Presided over by our Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master ably assisted by the Great Marshal and his Bodyguard. Kent was well represented at that meeting at which Knights of Kent were honoured with Great Ranks and Promotions to higher ranks. My thanks to those Knights who supported their Bro Knights. I congratulate the recipients including Knights attending today from other Provinces. Your dedication and future endeavours to the Order will be appreciated.

For obvious reasons it has not been possible to continue visits to all Provincial Priory meetings as well as our own Preceptories. Since the resumption of Masonic duties the Provincial Executive have managed to visit fifteen Provincial Priories across the country in addition to our own Preceptories. A warm welcome was received by our team at every visit.

In addition I have had the pleasure of attending The Preceptory of Improvement demonstration and lunch which was a great success. In June the Provincial Team dedicated a new Banner to Lord Harris Preceptory. At this meeting I was able to present a Provincial Priors Award of Merit to Robyn Murdo- Smith for his outstanding fundraising for charity which has been very well received by the Eye Hospital Brother Knights, as with all Provinces, the last couple of years have not been good for recruitment and the Installation of New Knights faltered. Preceptories are starting to recover. We have plenty of joining members and new candidates waiting to join the Order. However I have noted that attendance by existing and long term members of our Preceptories are failing to rise to the challenge and attend. Your support is essential. Brother Knights we need to enhance the quality of our ceremonies for the benefit and enjoyment of our New Members.

I thank those Knights who have continued to recruit new members. Please continue to be pro-active, there is literature available on the Webb Site and in paper form to assist you.

Our Executive are always willing to attend and give talks to interested Craft and Chapter members about this wonderful Order. Brother Knights whilst progress in the Province has been delayed we have managed to continue holding meetings in various forms with the aid of Virtual Business Meetings. As in other Provinces our Provincial Meeting was successfully carried out on Zoom. I am pleased to report that our Registrars have managed to overcome the administration nightmare caused by the Pandemic and are catching up with normal Masonic activities and schedule dates. To facilitate continuity in Preceptories the demand from Province for dispensations has increased quite dramatically which I am sure will reduce with the resumption of normal practice. I thank all Registrars for their patience.

The last seminar we held was in August 2021. I intend to hold some in the coming year, they are considered to be a useful forum to discuss issues and exchange views. Dates will be announced on our Webb Site and by your Registrars.

The three Provincial Malta Meetings will be continued as they have proved to be very successful. They are well attended and have inspired Preceptories to participate. The Kent Preceptory of Improvement headed by E.Kt Ron Pritchard and his team will be pleased to assist. Brother Knights please make full use of our three Training Centers . The Malta meetings will be held at Bromley Preceptory, Bodyguard Preceptory and St. Vincents Preceptory.

I take this opportunity to mention the Great Priory of Malta Meeting to be held on 17th November at Great Queen Street. Knights of Kent Province will be receiving their honours at this wonderful meeting. Please give them your support.

I reported on the Lack of Past and present Preceptors joining Frederick Friday Preceptory and I am pleased to report that membership has slightly improved and we currently have six Preceptors waiting to join us in September. I am hoping more will join us.

Brother Knights I want to touch on Charities. You will know that I always firmly believe that charity begins at home. The increasing economic constraints will place a further burden upon us. Yet I am astounded at the amount of money donated by you during this year when attendance at meetings has been below par. Preceptories have donated over two thousand pounds.

The twenty for twenty, Swift Appeal has raised over one thousand pounds. The efforts of Robyn Murdo-Smith recently raised another five hundred pounds for the Eye Hospital with his lapel pins Other knights have contributed personal amounts.

West Kent Preceptory has become a Keystone Jewel Preceptory. A donation of £400 has been made to our East Malling Church It is a fantastic effort on your part . My thanks to you all.

On a personal note I take this opportunity to thank you for the donations you have made to support Mary, s Meals, the chosen Charity of my late wife. I am so humbly grateful and I can assure you the money will benefit so many children in need.

Brother Knights I draw your attention to the Kent Webb site that is now renewed. Our Webb Master Kt. John Oakshott regularly adds new articles and achievements of our members and I urge you to make use of it.

In addition John maintains the Kent Facebook site on which he includes daily, Templar History information, well worth a read.I wish to draw to your attention some forthcoming events. I have already reminded you of the Great Malta Meeting in November, Our Almoner Em. Knight Leslie Frazer holds a Compline Prayer Session once a fortnight on Zoom for all Knights Templar and has received Worldwide attention. It is user friendly to participate and to meet Knights from around the world.

The Great Priory Family Church Service to be held in Wells Cathedral on 24th September 2022. I will be attending with other Knights and you are welcome to attend.

Roffas Camp Preceptory, Centenary meeting to be held at Rochester Cathedral on 3rd November 2022. It is anticipated the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master will be attending, so please join us and make it a very memorable occasion.

Our Kent Church Service will take Place at St. James The Great Church at East Malling on 11th December 2022 . I hope that you and your families are able to join on this occasion.

Brother Knights we are intending to arrange a Social Evening during the year, however we need to find another suitable venue . Details will follow. Brother Knights the foregoing events will be Included on the Kent KT webb site for your notice.

I now take this opportunity to congratulate the Provincial Knights whom I have appointed, promoted and invested today, make the most of your term of office it passes so quickly. I look forward to working with you all.

Thank you to my Active officers of the year for their very welcome and continued support.

My thanks to the Banner Preceptory, Temple Ewell No 325 , for supporting us today.

I thank the Provincial Secretariat , In particular Dennis Dean my Vice Chancellor, Treasurer , Graham Higgs, Registrar Colin Smith, Em.Knights Tony Maslin, Stuart Gray and Doug Hughes and all those who assisted in making this meeting a successful event today.

Thank you to our Provincial Marshal Kelvin Gane and his team who have successfully led us through the ceremonials today also for their continued support throughout the year. Congratulations from all of us Kelvin on your Promotion to Active Deputy Great Marshal which you richly deserve. Steve Hyland and my Bodyguard your attendance and support on every occasion has been exemplary thank you to you all.

My thanks to Very Em. Knight Noel Grout and his Malta Delegation for attending and supporting us today.

Lastly I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Em. Knight Raymond Hudson, who stands down today as Provincial Almoner. He intended to stand down earlier but I persuaded him to stay for another year. Brother Knights I would have to write a book to tell you of the work and commitment Ray has dedicated to Knights and families of our Order during the past seven years. In addition to the letters, cards and flowers, his personal involvement and advice to friends and families especially through these dreadful pandemic years has been exceptional and Ray we will sadly miss you . On behalf of everybody here today, Thank you.

Brother Knights the roll of Almoner is becoming ever more important in our Orders and we must assist them in their endeavours. We should be aware that in future months there will be greater demands on our finances that could have a profound effect on our well being and that of our families. Remember you are all Almoners where families and friends are in need. Always assist the poor and distressed It is gratifying to know that I have enjoyed your continued support during these unprecedented years and from your attendance here today it proves to me that you care about this wonderful Order.

Brother Knights this is Your Order not mine. Together we can make it better our future is bright.

I look forward to sojourning and working with you during the ensuing year. I wish you and your families continued good health and happiness.

Thank you all and May Your God always be with you.

Right Eminent Knight David Jordan
Provincial Prior


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