Provincial Priory of Kent The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas

Province of Kent
<blank> Diary of Meetings 2022

P.O.I.Saturday1st Jan Wigmore 
P.O.I.Sunday2nd Jan Welling 
P.O.I.Saturday  Margate 
RegularMonday24th JanTemple EwellDover325
P.O.I.Saturday5th Feb Wigmore 
RegularSaturday5th FebFrederick FridayChatham484
P.O.I.Sunday6th Feb Welling 
InstallationFriday11th FebGalloway Gillingham596
MaltaSaturday12th FebKent BodyguardGillingham552
RegularTuesday15th FebRichard PlantagenetWelling597
RegularWednesday16th FebLord HarrisAshford555
RegularSaturday19th FebPilgrims WayWilmington392
RegularFriday25th FebRoffa's CampWigmore224
InstallationSaturday26th FebBromleyPenge286
InstallationMonday28th FebCrystal PalaceMMH257
RegularFriday4th MarchShirley WoolmerSidcup500
P.O.I.Saturday5th March Wigmore 
RegularSaturday5th MarchHoly TrinityGravesend391
P.O.I.Sunday6th March Welling 
InstallationMonday14th MarchBoxley AbbeyMaidstone402
P.O.I.Saturday  Margate 
InstallationTuesday15th MarchSt. Michael'sSittinbourne436
RegularThursday17th MarchThanetMargate401
RegularThursday17th MarchSt. GeorgeDartford629
MaltaSaturday19th MarchWestwoodHoo433
RegularSaturday19th MarchPilgrims WayWilmington392
Regular 28th MarchLullingstoneDuke Street155
 Saturday P.O.I. FestivalWigmore 
P.O.I.Sunday3rd April Welling 
RegularWednesday6th AprilOakleyBromley555
RegularTuesday12th AprilSt VincentTunbridge W333
RegularMonday25th AprilCrystal PalaceMMH257
InstallationMonday25th AprilTemple EwellDover325
RegularTuesday26th AprilAxtaneWrotham373
MaltaSaturday26th AprilRichard PlantagenetWelling597
P.O.I.Sunday27th April Welling 
RegularFriday6th MayBlack PrinceCanterbury146
P.O.I.Saturday7th May Wigmore 
MaltaWednesday11th MayBoxley AbbeyTrovil402
RegularFriday13th MayGalloway Gillingham596
RegularSaturday  Margate 
 Wednesday18th MayGreat Priory  
MaltaThursday19th MayThanetMargate401
InstallationFriday20th MayWest KentSevenoaks371
RegularFriday20th MayBoxley AbbeyMaidstone402
RegularFriday27th MayRoffa's CampWigmore224
InstallationWednesday1st JuneLord HarrisAshford475
RegularFriday3rd JuneShirley WoolmerSidcup500
RegularSaturday4th JuneWestwoodHoo433
P.O.I.Sunday5th June Welling 
MaltaThursday9th JuneSt. GeorgeDartford629
RegularFriday10th JuneBlack PrinceCanterbury146
InstallationSaturday11th JuneHoly TrinityGravesend391
InstallationTuesday14th JuneRichard PlantagenetWelling597
InstallationWednesday15th JuneOakleyBromley555
InstallationSaturday18th JunePilgrims WayWilmington392
RegularTuesday21st JuneSt. VincentTunbridge W333
RegularSaturday25th JuneBromleyPenge286
InstallationMonday27th JuneLullingstoneDuke Street155
ProvincialSaturday2nd JulyKent Provincial MtgBromley 
RegularWednesday6th JulySt. MichaelsSittingbourne436

Preceptories within the Province of Kent

Black Prince Preceptory No. 146
Consecrated: 10 June 1880

Meeting Place: Masonic Temple, 38 St Peters Street, Canterbury CT1 2DA

Meeting Dates: First Friday in May, Second Friday in June, Third Friday in October (I), Third Friday in December (Malta only)

Registrar: Alan Young

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Lullingstone Preceptory No. 155
Date of Warrant: 12 June 1885

Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, 10 Duke Street, St James, London SW1Y 6BS

Meeting Dates: Fourth Monday in March, June (I), November

Registrar: Mark Wright

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Roffa’s Camp Preceptory No. 224
Date of Warrant: 24 August 1922

Meeting Place: Howard Memorial Hall, Woodside, Wigmore, Kent ME8 0PG

Meeting Dates: Fourth Friday in February, May, August (Malta), November (I)

Registrar: Simon Barnes-Farnham

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Crystal Palace Preceptory No. 257
Date of Warrant: 25 December 1928

Meeting Place: Mark Masons Hall, 86 St James Street, London SW1A 1PL

Meeting Dates: Fourth Monday in February (I), April and November

Registrar: Geoff Ellis

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Bromley Preceptory No. 286
Date of Warrant: 17 April 1938

Meeting Place: South East London Masonic Hall, Avenue Road, Penge, London SE20 7RT

Meeting Dates: Fourth Saturday in February (I), June, November

Registrar: Angus Rhodes

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Temple Ewell Preceptory No. 325
Date of Warrant: 21 December 1948

Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, Snargate Street, Dover CT17 9DA

Meeting Dates: Fourth Monday in January, April, October and November (Malta only)

Registrar: Chris Goulding

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St Vincent Preceptory No. 333
Date of Warrant: 23 April 1951

Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, St John's Road, Tunbridge Wells TN4 6UY

Meeting Dates: Second Tuesday April and November (I), Third Tuesday in June

Registrar: Stuart Ross

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West Kent Preceptory No. 371
Date of Warrant: 24 February 1961

Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, 119a St John’s Hill, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 3PE

Meeting Dates: Third Friday in May (I), First Friday in September, Second Friday in November

Registrar: Mark Woolcott

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Axstane Preceptory of St John Jerusalem No 373
Date of Warrant: 1 March 1961

Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, St Mary’s Road, Wrotham TN15 7AN

Meeting Dates: Fourth Tuesday in April and October (I), First Tuesday in July

Registrar: Stuart Gray

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Preceptory of the Holy Trinity No 391
Date of Warrant: 26 May 1964

Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, Wrotham Road, Gravesend DA11 0PA

Meeting Dates: 1st Sat in March, 2nd Sat in June, 3rd Sat in September and 3rd Sat in November.

Registrar: Mark Taylor

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Pilgrim's Way Preceptory No. 392
Date of Warrant: 26 May 1964

Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, Hawley Road, Wilmington DA1 1PA

Meeting Dates: Third Saturday in February, March and June (I)

Registrar: Chris Hudson

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Thanet Preceptory No. 401
Date of Warrant: 19 January 1966

Meeting Place: Masonic Temple, New Cross Street, Margate CT9 1EH

Meeting Dates: Third Thursday in March and May, First Thursday in October (I) and December

Registrar: Andy Dive

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Boxley Abbey Preceptory No. 402
Date of Warrant: 25 January 1966

Meeting Place: Maidstone Masonic Centre, Tovil Hill, Maidstone ME15 6QS

Meeting Dates: Second Monday in March (I) and October, Fourth Friday in May

Registrar: Geoffrey Dixon

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Westwood Preceptory No. 433
Date of Warrant: 10 June 1971

Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, 95 Main Road, Hoo St Werburgh, nr Rochester ME3 9EU

Meeting Dates: Third Saturday in March and November (I), First Saturday in June

Registrar John Folkard

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St Michael’s Preceptory No. 436
Date of Warrant: 30 November 1971

Meeting Place: St Michael's Masonic Hall, Albany Road, Sittingbourne ME10 1EB

Meeting Dates: Third Tuesday in March (I), First Wednesday in July, Second Thursday in October

Registrar: Steve Dunsdon

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Lord Harris Preceptory No. 475
Date of Warrant: 5 May 1976

Meeting Place: Masonic Temple, North Street, Ashford TN24 8JR

Meeting Dates: Third Wednesday in February and October, First Wednesday in June (I)

Registrar: Edward Senior

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Frederick Friday Preceptory No. 484
Date of Warrant: 22 July 1977

Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, Manor Road, Chatham ME4 6AG

Meeting Dates: First Saturday in February, First Saturday in September (I)

Registrar: Norman Playford

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Shirley Woolmer Preceptory No. 500
Date of Warrant: 15 January 1981

Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, Church Road, Sidcup DA14 6BX

Meeting Dates: First Friday in March and June, First Monday in November (I)

Registrar: Robin Gurney

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Kent Bodyguard Preceptory No. 552
Date of Warrant: 1 February 1989

Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, Franklin Road, Gillingham ME7 4DG

Meeting Dates:
2nd Sat in February, 2nd Sat in May and 4th Tuesday in September.

Registrar: Vincent Fattorusso

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Oakley Preceptory No. 555
Date of Warrant: 28 July 1989

Meeting Place: Masonic Centre, Oakley House, Bromley Common, Bromley BR2 8HA

Meeting Dates: First Wednesday in April and December, Third Wednesday in June (I)

Registrar: Phil Clare

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Galloway Preceptory No. 596
Date of Warrant: 10 February 1995

Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, Franklin Road, Gillingham ME7 4DG

Meeting Dates: Second Friday in February (I), May and October

Registrar: Trevor Harrison

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Richard Plantagenet Preceptory No. 597
Date of Warrant: 21 February 1995

Meeting Place: Westwood Masonic Centre, 170 Bellegrove Road, Welling DA16 3RD

Meeting Dates: Third Tuesday in February, Second Tuesday in June (I) and October

Registrar: Dave Hudson

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Kent Preceptory of St George No. 629
Date of Warrant: 8 December 2001

Meeting Place: Dartford Masonic Centre, West Hill, Dartford DA1 2HJ

Meeting Dates: Third Thursday in March, Second Thursday in June (Malta), First Thursday in September, Third Tuesday in December (I)

Registrar: Kevin Murphy

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Kent Preceptories of Improvement
At the express wish of the majority of the Knights of the Province, there are now a further 3 Preceptory of Improvements under the auspices of the existing Kent Provinciall Preceptory of Improvement at Wigmore and its Preceptors E.Kt. Ron Pritchard, E.Kt. Dennis Dean and E.Kt. Andy Dive.

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