The Grand College of The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests and Order of Holy Wisdom The Grand College of The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests and Order of Holy Wisdom

District No 5 - Kent
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Further Information

To qualify for membership of this deeply significant order you must be a subscribing member of the following Masonic bodies:

  • A Craft Lodge
  • A Royal Arch Chapter
  • A Knight Templar Preceptory or a CBCS (KBHC) Prefecture

The regalia of the Order consists of a white tunic with a red cross on the front such as in the KT but with the jewels removed, a plain white mantle and finally a Mitre with a cross on the front and back. A High Priest would wear a taller Mitre with a Patriarchal Cross.

Our order meets in Tabernacles, conferring 33 degrees in all, the 1st being the ceremony of admission, then 31 degrees are conferred in name only. Powahatan Tabernacle exemplifies at least one of the conferred degrees annually. The installation as High Priest of a Tabernacle is considered to be the 33rd degree.

Our ceremonies are worked around Seven Pillars, placed in a triangular form. The qualifications for membership, mentioned above, allow each candidate to progress through the ceremony of admission, as at each of these pillars certain passwords must be given from these Orders.

As in the KT the Order has a second ceremony that a candidate would need to undertake, the Order of Holy Wisdom. It is essential that you have undertaken this ceremony as it one of the qualifications you would need to be installed as a High Priest of a Tabernacle.

In our Order there is District level but other than the Offices of: District Grand Superintendent, District Director of Ceremonies, District Recorder, District Treasurer and certain Deputy Positions there is no District Structure.

Installed High Priests are appointed or promoted to a Grand College Rank after the necessary qualification period. Grand College is situated in York but meets once a year in June at a location in central England to confer Grand College appointments and promotions.

If you require further information about our Order or the Tabernalces in our District please contact:

Right Eminent Knight Priest
Reg Smith

District Recorder & Hermeneutes, District No. 5


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