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Kolossi Preceptory, 684, Limasol, Cyprus

Next meeting:- May 14th (Installation) and Knights Templar Malta, for membership of 15. To be held at Curium Palace Hotel, followed by a White Table dinner – all invited. Click here to download the summons.

History of Kolossi Preceptory   During research when Secretary of Othello Lodge No 5670, W. Bro. Peter van de Pol found references during the Consecration of Othello Lodge in 1938 in Famagusta to a “Kolossi” Knights Templar Preceptory being established. Shortly after consecration in the Othello Tower in Famagusta, Othello Lodge held all regular Lodge Meetings in the “Twin Tower” Knights Templar (circa 1299) and Knights Hospitlar (circa 1450) Churches in Famagusta.

No further trace could be found of a formal K.T Petition ever having been lodged as the outbreak of World War II appeared to have stopped further progress here. Peter had a dream of bringing the Knights Templar Degree ‘back’ to Cyprus and in 2001 first raised this possibility, but the timing was not right. However in 2010 The District Grand Master – R.W. Bro TheodosiosTheodossiou gave his blessing and E.KtPeter van de Pol was tasked as Organizing Registrar and a Founding Committee established consisting of E.Kts TheodosiosTheodossiou – Andrew Theocharous – Eric Williams -Terry Knights and Dave Parrott.

After the 3rd regular meeting of Kolossi Preceptory, unfortunately the Registrar was unable to continue and E. Kt. Andrew Theocharous was asked to take the Registrar’s Office.

We now have 66 members and 15 Candidates on the waiting list.

Kolossi Preceptory sponsored a new Preceptory called The Holy Land and will be Consecrated by the Great Priory in Cyprus on 17th September 2022.

Great Priory Consecration Team
  • Most Eminent & Supreme Grand Master Timothy John Lewis G.C.TV.
  • E.Kt Revd. Malcolm C.G Lane J.P Great Prelate as Great Prelate 
  • R.E.Kt. John Brackley K.C.T Great Vice Chancellor as First Great Constable
  • R.E.Kt. Dr. John L Wright K.C.T as Second Great Constable
  • R.E.Kt. Paul. R. Clement G.C.T as Great Marshall
  • E.Kt. Dennis C Fountain as Deputy Great Marshal
  • E.Kt. George Birchall P.Gt.Capt.Gds as Great Standard Bearer [B]/Great Herald
  • E.Kt. Peter J Baldwin as Great Standard Bearer [V.B]/Great Herald
  • E.Kt Barry D. Burridge Provincial Prior Somerset as Grand Masters Banner Bearer
  • E.Kt. Roger Sims P.Gt.A.De.C as Great Sword Bearer
  • E.Kt. Roy Pike as Great Captain of Guards
  • E.Kt. Naunton C.W Liles Gt. Organist as Great Organist
  • V.E.Kt. Tommy Thompson P.Gt.Reg as Great Guard
Kolossi Preceptory No. 684 Founding Officers 2012 – 2013
  • R.E.Kt. A.J. Englefield K.C.T. - Eminent Preceptor
  • E.Kt. G.E Owens P.Pr. - Herald Chaplain
  • E.Kt. E.S Williams - 1st Constable
  • Kt. W. Bishop - Second Constable
  • E.Kt. A. Theocharous - Treasurer
  • E.Kt. P.J van de Pol - Registrar
  • E.Kt. R.D.J Parrott PGtWofReg - Marshal
  • E.Kt. T.E Knights PPrA-de-C - Deputy Marshal
  • Kt. J.T Lace - Almoner
  • Kt. J.J Kirk - 1st Herald
  • Kt. D.O.V Hubbard - 2nd Herald
  • Kt. A.P Vorkas - Standard Bearer [B]
  • Kt. A. Ashdjian - Standard Bearer [V.B]
  • Kt. R.W Wilding - Banner Bearer
  • Kt. O.B Yenovkian - Capt. of Guards
  • Kt. M. Stephenson - Organist
  • Kt. R.E.I Newman - Guard
Kolossi Preceptory No 684 Founding Members
R.E.Kt. A.J. Englefield K.C.T; E.Kt. J.L.W Wright K.C.T; E.Kt. R.D.J Parrott P.Gt.W.of.Reg.; E.Kt. G.E Owens P.Pr.Herald; E.Kt. T.E Knights; E.Kt. P.J van de Pol; E.Kt. Th.S Theodossiou; E.Kt. A. Theocharous; E.Kt. E.S Williams; Kt. W. Bishop; Kt. J.J Kirk; Kt. P.P Alexiou; Kt. A. Ashdjian; Kt. P.P Ashdjian; Kt. S. Azzi; Kt. K.E Hart; Kt. D.O.V Hubbard; Kt. G.L Hulme; Kt. J.R James; Kt. P.L Kyriacou; Kt. J.T Lace; Kt. R. Makrosellis; Kt. I.P McLean; Kt. R.E.I Newman; Kt. C.N Spanos; Kt. M. Stephenson; Kt. E. Tsivitanides; Kt. A.P Vorkas; Kt. R.W Wilding; Kt. O.B Yenovkian.

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