Provincial Priory of Kent The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas

Province of Kent
Provincial Prior Right Eminent Knight David Jordan Provincial Prior
Provincial Sub Prior Eminent Kt Pieter Swinge¬†Provincial Sub Prior
Provincial Registrar Eminent Knight Colin Smith Provincial Registrar
Provincial Vice Chancellor Eminent Kt Dennis Dean¬†Provincial Vice Chancellor
Provincial Marshall Eminent Kt Kelvin Gane Provincial Marshall
buffer Provincial Priory of Kent Officers 2022 - 2023

Temple Rank   Name Preceptory

Active Officers
Sub Prior E.Kt. P.J. Swinge (Pieter) 555
Prelate E.Kt. H.T. Pashley (Howard) 325
Chancellor V.E.Kt. J.W.A. McCully (John) 391
1st Constable E.Kt. C.B.C. Taylor (Clive) 146
2nd Constable E.Kt. N.A.Pinner (Neil) 286
Treasurer E.Kt. G.C. Higgs (Graham) 371
Registrar E.Kt. C.G. Smith (Colin) 629
Vice-Chancellor E.Kt. D. Dean (Dennis) 391
Marshal E.Kt. K.A. Gane (Kelvin) 629
Deputy Marshal E.Kt. M.A. Hamilton (Mark) 373
Deputy Marshal E.Kt. E.M. Lines (Edward) 155
Almoner E.Kt. L.J. Fraser (Leslie) 391
First Herald E.Kt. C.C. Goulding (Christopher) 325
Second Herald E.Kt. S.J. Austin (Stephen) 146
Standard Bearer (B) E.Kt. M.J. Salter (Michael) 401
Standard Bearer (VB) E.Kt. B.J. Bishop (Brian) 392
Banner Bearer E.Kt. R. Murdo-Smith (Robyn) 155
Sword Bearer E.Kt. D. E. Martin (David) 371
Aide-de-Camp 1 E.Kt. M.A. Wright (Mark) 155
Aide-de-Camp 2 E.Kt. B.W. Hart (Brian) 629
Aide-de-Camp 3 E.Kt. M. Taylor (Mark) 391
Aide-de-Camp 4 E.Kt. D.C. Hope (David) 224
Warden of Regalia E.Kt. D.P. Barden (David) 402
Chamberlain Kt. J.F. Oakshott (John) 597
Captain of Guards E.Kt. A.A. Ellis (Anthony) 333
Organist E.Kt. K.C. Johnson (Kevin) 373
Guard E.Kt. W.M. Molleskog (Wicktor) 555

Past 1st Constable E.Kt. R.Gulliver (Ray) 402
Past 1st Constable      
Past 1st Constable      
Past 2nd Constable E.Kt. R.P. Fox (Royston) 155
Past 2nd Constable E.Kt. D.F. Firth (Danny) 596
Past 2nd Constable E.Kt. P. Clare (Phillip) 555
Past Registrar E.Kt. K. Pearson (Kevin) 371
Past Registrar E.Kt. P .Mayger (Paul) 597
Past Registrar E.Kt. K. Wildey (Keith) 146
Past Registrar      
Past Registrar E.Kt. P.D. Jenner (Paul) 555
Past Herald E.Kt. M.J. Plant (Michael) 333
Past Herald E.Kt. D.G. Hutchison (David) 392
Past Standard Bearer (B) E.Kt. P. Crocetta (Paulo) 257
Past Standard Bearer (VB) E.Kt. S.Dunsdon (Stephen) 436

First Appointments
Past Standard Bearer (B) E.Kt. R.K. Dobson (Robert) 325
Past Standard Bearer (VB) E.Kt. R.W. Merritt (Robert) 146
Past Aide-de-Camp E.Kt. B.J. Portman (Brett) 597
Past Aide-de-Camp E.Kt. K. L. Cass (Keith) 373
Past Aide-de-Camp E.Kt. K.D. Jones (Ken) 391
Past Warden of Regalia E.Kt. P.G. Gurney (Phillip) 500
Past Warden of Regalia E.Kt. B.A. Gaskin (Barry) 500

The Bodyguard is always on the lookout for new members. Interested knights should be at least 5 years away from the Preceptor's Chair, be keen to visit around the Province, attending the Prior & Sub-Prior on their Official Visits, and to carry out their special duties at the Provincial Priory meeting on the first Saturday in July, the Kent Bodyguard Malta meeting on the second Saturday in February and at the Church Service on a Sunday in either March or April. Knights usually retire from the Bodyguard on attaining Provincial Rank. Applications via the Provincial Vice-Chancellor (see below) or via the Bodyguard link.

If you wish to contact the province please email the Vice-Chancellor:

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