Provincial Priory of Kent The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas

Province of Kent
<blank> Knights of Malta
Knights of Malta Officers 2020-2021
NAME P'tory Malta Rank
D. Jordan   Prior
P.J. Swinge (Pieter) 555 Sub Prior
H.T. Pashley   (Howard) 325 Prelate
J.W.A. McCully (John) 391 <None>
N.J. Playford (Norman) 597 Captain General
C.B.C. Taylor (Clive) 146 Lieutenant General
G.C. Higgs       (Graham) 371 Treasurer
C.G.Smith        (Colin) 629 First Lieutenant
D. Dean (Dennis) 391 Chancellor
K.A. Gane        (Kevin) 629 Mareschal
M.A. Hamilton   (Mark) 373 Deputy Mareschal
E.M. Lines (Edward) 155 Deputy Mareschal
R.W. Hudson    (Ray) 597 Hospitaller
D.J. Hudson (David) 629 Second Lieutenant
A. R. Taylor (Adam) 401 Second Lieutenant
J. F. Lines  John) 391 Admiral
S.A. Sudlow (Steven) 333 Conservator
A. P. Waters (Andy) 224 Banner Bearer
C.D. Harris (Clive) 500 Sword Bearer
R.S. Jones (Robert) 500 Baillie
K.J. Dry (Kenneth) 286 Baillie
R.J. Woodgate (Richard) 433 Baillie
A.D. Williams (Allen) 224 Baillie
D.P. Barden      (David) 402 Turcopolier
S.M.Hyland (Stephen) 391 Turcopolier
D P. Stephenson (David) 596 Captain of Outposts
K.C. Johnson   (Kevin) 373 Organist
W.M. Molleskog (Wicktor) 555 Guard

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