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Squiggle A history of the Crusades

A history of the Crusades This is a timeline of the Crusades and the major events

1096-1099   The first crusade captures Jerusalem. The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem founded.

1100-1101   Follow-up expedition defeated by the Turks.

1107-1110   King Sigurd of Norway brings an army to Holy Land.

1122-1124   Venetian expedition to Holy Land.

1144   Zangi, ruler of Mosul and Aleppo, captures Edessa.

1146   Death of Zangi.

1147-1149   Second Crusade attacks Damascus. Ends in failure.

1154   Nur al-Oin (Zangi's son) captures Damascus.

1158   Pilgrimage of Count Thierry of Flanders.

1169   Saladin becomes vizier of Egypt.

1172   Pilgrimage of Duke Henry the Lion of Saxony.

1174   Death of Nur al-Oin. Saladin captures Damascus.

1177   Pilgrimage of Count Philip of Flanders.

1187   Saladin captures Jerusalem.

1189-1192   Third crusade to recover Jerusalem. Crusade fails but recovers some territory.

1197-1198   German crusade. Recovers some more territory.

1201-1204   Fourth crusade to assist Christians in the Holy Land. Captures Constantinople.

1217-1221   Fifth crusade attacks Egypt. Initially successful but army cut off when Muslims open sluice gates of the Nile.

1228-1229   Crusade of the Emperor Frederick II. Jerusalem recovered by treaty.

1239-1240   Crusade of Theobald, Count of Champagne and King of Navarre.

1240-1241   Crusade of Earl Richard of Cornwall. Recovers territory by negotiation.

1244   Jerusalem finally lost to the Muslims.

1249-1254   First crusade of King Louis IX of France to Egypt. Initially successful but defeated at Mansurah, February 1250. Louis then goes on to Holy Land and strengthens its defenses.

1268   Crusade of the Princes of Aragon.

1269-1270   Frisian crusade.

1270   Second crusade of King Louis IX of France to Tunis. A failure.

1271-1272   Crusade of Lord Edward of England.

1274   Second Council of Lyons discusses plans for recovering the Holy Land. No decision reached.

1291   Acre captured by al-Ashraf Khalil, sultan of Egypt. The remaining Latin Christian territories in the Holy Land fall to Muslims soon afterwards.

    There are no more crusades to the Holy Land but possession of Jerusalem remains the long term goal.

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