Provincial Priory of Kent The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas

The Provincial Priory of Kent

The Grand Masters Bodyguard

Those Knights representing Kent
Roll of Honour

Year of office


 Name of Preceptory

2022 A. Waddington Oakley
2015 D. Dean Holy Trinity
2009 D. Jordan West Kent
2002 D. Fountain Galloway
2001 P. J. McIntyre Galloway
1992 P. M. Brooshoft Temple Ewell
1991 S. R. Naylor Westwood
1980 C. J. Pike Holy Trinity
1971 T.R.Hart Crystal Palace
1970 C. G. A. Hixon Roffa’s Camp
1969 B. Whinnett Axtane St. John Jerusalem
1964 C. D. Dando Lullingstone
1964 R. Castle Black Prince
1958 W. J. Rankin Crystal Palace
1960 G. F. Little Crystal Palace
1962 Dr G. L.C. Colenso-Jones Roffa’s Camp
1959 F. H. C. Woollaston Temple Ewell
1956 C. E. Whitfield Crystal Palace
1951 L.T.B. Scott Crystal Palace
1952 J.A.L. Behsumm Crystal Palace
1957 J.C.H.Swallin St. Vincent
1950 R.F.Jessup Bromley
1952 J.B.D. Alison St. Vincent
1947 C.H.Baker Black Prince
1946 H.R.Paterson Crystal Palace
1942 A.G.Rumblow Crystal Palace
1932 L.E.Hall Lullingstone
1927 R.Moffet Roffa’s Camp
1927 F.W.F.Arnaud Black Prince
1927 J.C.Whettam Black Prince


Commander of the Grand Master’s Body Guard

1966–1968  A.G. Rumblow Crystal Palace

Deputy Commander of the Grand Master’s Body Guard

1944–1966  A.G. Rumblow Crystal Palace
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